The world’s first body instrument

Mictic is a portable sensor which transforms movement into sound in real-time.
Various activities can therefore be enriched by either real or artificial,
interactive sound patterns. This marks the beginning of a new era:
audio augmented reality!


What is Mictic?

This short presentation, filmed at SSF-Portfolio-Day 2018, showcases the most important facts about Mictic.

Cello live act

Estonian fusionist Leckerman returns with a stunning performance at Helmhaus in Zurich using our brand new cello plug-in.

Mictic in action

Here is a live recording of what our sensors are doing when you have them tight up to your ankles and they are connected with Ableton Live via Bluetooth.




  • start app

  • put on

  • sound



Rolf Hellat
Founder / CEO

Markus Schaub

Roger Nauer
Electronics Developer

Thomas Rupp
Electronics Developer

Martin-Otto Willy
Patent Attorney

Martin Stäheli
Sound Designer

Linus Jeuch
Industrial Designer

Max Meister
Chairman Of The Board

Adrian Meier
Embedded Engineer

Tobias Witt
Marketing Manager

Sinan Barmettler
Business Administration


Mictic AG
c/o Westhive
Hardturmstrasse 161
8005 Zurich, Switzerland