The world’s first body instrument

Mictic is a portable sensor which transforms movement into sound in real-time.
Various activities can therefore be enriched by either real or artificial,
interactive sound patterns. This marks the beginning of a new era:
audio augmented reality!


Dance your music

Instead of dancing to music, music dances to your movements! By means of the sensors, instruments are regulated through movement. The interaction of music and dance is experienced in a new manner, while the body itself is rendered an instrument with mictic.


The force of impact upon the ball, the racket’s slight touch as well as its continuous movement throughout the game is coloured by the corresponding soundtrack. It’s up to you whether you chose the sound of a rocket, an orchestra of classical music or kung-fu infused chimes accompany your ping-pong match!


Any object gains the ability to become a forceful lightsaber in sound, elevating you to a new world of experiencing movement and sound.

And many more possible applications – start now by crafting your very own virtual realm of sound




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Rolf Hellat
Founder / CEO

Markus Schaub

Roger Nauer
Electronics Developer

Thomas Rupp
Electronics Developer

Martin-Otto Willy
Patent Attorney

Martin Stäheli
Sound Designer

Linus Jeuch
Industrial Designer

Max Meister
Chairman Of The Board

Adrian Meier
Embedded Engineer

Tobias Witt
Marketing Manager

Sinan Barmettler
Business Administration


Mictic AG
c/o Westhive
Hardturmstrasse 161
8005 Zurich, Switzerland