become the instrument.

We are proud to introduce the world's first audio augmented reality wearable that truly immerses you in music.

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About Us

Mictic AG is a fast-growing startup dedicated to developing innovative user experience in augmented reality. The Zurich-based company applies technology to profoundly change the way people interact with music and their own movements. Its mission is to make musical expression more accessible to the masses, whether they’re already Grammy-winners or have no training at all.

Mictic was founded in 2018
2018 Founded
Mictic completed R&D in 2019
2019 R&D
Mictic patents were filed in 2020
2020 Patents
Mictic plans to launch in September 2021
September 2021 Launch
A simple and fun, as well as innovative solution to compose new melodies.
You'll be composing music in no time!
This is wild.
Re-imagining our relationship with music.